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Discover Yerevan

Sing with the fountains

Republic Square is the beating heart of Yerevan. Be enamoured by the mesmerising fountains, complete with a vibrant light & sound show, where illuminated jets of water dance in sync with melodies that stir the soul.

Pick up a souvenir

Vernissage is Yerevan’s biggest flea market with something for everyone. Opened in the 1980s by local artists, it's a showpiece for anything from ancient art and rare artefacts to household wares and musical instruments.

Take a trip back in time

With its brightly coloured murals, the Yerevan Metro is an intriguing insight into the nation's Soviet heritage. Even though just 13.4km and 10 stations long, it's still a fascinating history lesson on a shoestring budget.

Get a taste of the city

Yerevan is hemmed with open-air cafés and quaint restaurants that come alive as the sun goes down. Don't miss the local delicacies, especially in the parks and boulevards around the Opera House and the Cascades.