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Frequently asked Questions

Fare types

What are the available fare types?

Fly Arna offers Basic, Value and Extra fare options.

What does the Basic fare offers?

This is the cheapest fare in most of the flights and includes a 10 kg hand bag. Additional baggage allowance and other services including seats and meals can purchased separately.

What does the Value fare offers?

It is the most popular fare option. The price includes 10 kg hand bag, 20 Kg checked baggage, a sandwich with water and seat selection from row 8 onwards (subject to change without prior notice). These services can be upgraded and more services can be added at additional cost.

What does the Extra fare type offer?

This fare includes 10 kg hand bag, 30 kg checked baggage, choice of any meal from our exclusive menu and choice of any seat including the front row seat (subject to change without prior notice). Additional services can be purchased separately.